Why Detox?

Why Detoxify?

Environmental chemicals and toxins are everywhere and impossible to avoid in our modern world. Our bodies accumulate toxins faster than our detox organs (liver, kidney and lungs) responsible can possibly eliminate them. Toxins silently stockpile and lead to a loss of vitality onward to chronic illnesses.

Healthy living has several steps. Here are some of the keys:

Healthy Food: a whole foods diet to provide the variety of nutrients our bodies need and to limit exposure to foreign, toxic and GMO substances.

Exercise: Movement is healthy!

Pure water without post disinfection byproducts and heavy metals

Good relationships and emotions

7-8 hours of sleep (more for babies and children)

Sunlight, vitamin D

Avoid EMFs-turn off your modem at night, keep your cell phone away from your body

Proactive health testing, supplements and detox tools

Toxins are processed through the liver which they are changed to water soluble molecules to be flushed out via urine or feces. This gives new important to the admonition to avoid constipation!

The body’s natural detoxification process requires vitamins, minerals and proteins (amino acids). Having a good supply of therapeutic minerals helps prevent the body from attaching to dangerous heavy metals. For instance in the absence of calcium, the body absorbs more lead which contributes to osteoporosis. Without adequate magnesium, the body collects more aluminum causing injury in the nerves and contributing to the development of Alzheimer’s. Cadmium overload is increased with low zinc, an important mineral for the immune system. In children the autism epidemic is known to be a toxic disorder.

So who needs to detoxify? We all do. Supporting the body’s natural detoxification system requires nutrients. There are targeted detox protocols that support the body’s detoxification pathways so check with your doctor. Pregnant women and nursing mothers want to avoid active detox but maintain a super healthy diet. Women trying to conceive may be more likely to succeed following a healthy diet and a detox program.

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