The Natural Birth Project

The Natural Birth Project is a wonderful supportive group of mothers, mothers to be, daddies, daddies to be, and grandparents. Their goal is to educate, inspire, and empower parents to find their inner wisdom and strength to birth and support new life in this world in loving, holistic, and vital ways. I loved spending Sunday morning, March 29th, with this group of wonderful people. I love working with newborns because together with the parents we can set a course for a healthy life.

Birth is a wonderful dance between baby and mom as the baby’s head slowly molds to mom’s pelvis for safe passage. The baby’s head is made to overlap so it can become as small as possible during delivery. The first breaths and nursing at the breast are the ways nature designed the baby’s head to resume its shape. If there has been a very quick or very long birth, a baby who is large in relation to mom’s pelvis, multiples, or any other cause of birth trauma, an osteopathic treatment can be of great benefit to the baby (and mom)! It is prevention at its best. If you would like to learn more about this group, check out their website!

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