Simple Remedy to Ease Cold Symptoms

Gargling salt water has been known for centuries to relieve respiratory congestion, especially a sore and itchy throat.

It can loosen that thick mucus which coats the throat, and remove such irritants as allergens, bacteria and fungi from the throat.

For great results, stir one half teaspoon of sea salt in eight ounces of warm clean water until well dissolved. Spit out the salt water once you have gargled and swished.

Studies have shown that gargling 3 times a day during the flu and cold season can decrease your chances of getting an upper respiratory tract infection.

Children enjoy this funny sounding cleansing of the throat. Make sure you have a towel ready to catch any excess water that doesn’t make it into the sink. This teaches them a very easy, effective, and inexpensive, self help remedy they can use the rest of their lives.

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