ONDAMEDⓇ is a machine that provides sound frequencies along with safe pulsed electromagnetic frequencies (PEMF’s) to balance and support various functions of the body. “Ondamed” is a Latin word for medical frequency waves, and the machine was invented by German physicist Rolfe Binder in the 1990’s. It involves the Chinese medical theory of meridians, which run through various organs in the body; blockages in certain areas along these meridians can cause dysfunction, pain, inflammation, and disease. ONDAMEDⓇ uses targeted pulsed frequencies to harmonize and unblock meridians within the body, supporting various functions, including immune, detox, musculoskeletal, cognitive, and other functions.  Pulsed electromagnetic field therapy works to restore cells to their normal healthy electrical state.

ONDAMEDⓇ sessions are personalized using pulse biofeedback. Each client’s pulse is monitored for slight changes in rhythm and quality in relation to various frequencies. A pulse reaction can indicate that a particular frequency is needed to re-establish homeostasis in the body. Your ONDAMEDⓇ session may be personalized using pulse biofeedback, or through delivering PEMF’s that are intended to balance a particular type of dysfunction you may be addressing (like an acute ear or respiratory infection, poor sleep, stress, pain, stress etc.)  Children have been known to calm during ONDAMEDⓇ sessions and sometimes request them.  Children can rest or play with toys during sessions.

What to Expect

ONDAMEDⓇ sessions typically last around 4-30 minutes (exact times will vary). During the session, clients sit or lie down and relax while the practitioner works with the pulse, and places applicators on the body to deliver appropriate frequencies. During the session, clients may experience a mild tingling, a feeling of release, or nothing at all. It is typically quite relaxing. To avoid interference with the PEMF’s, it is recommended to turn cell phones off and remove metal jewelry during a session. The number of sessions that are appropriate will vary by client, and can be from 2 to 10 sessions or more. Since ONDAMEDⓇ can have a detoxifying effect on the cells, it is recommended that clients drink plenty of water after each session (your practitioner may even “charge” a bottle of water for you; water molecules can hold a “charge” of the frequencies emitted by the ONDAMEDⓇ machine).

ONDAMEDⓇ is considered safe for adults and children. However, it is not recommended for those with a pacemaker or during pregnancy.