With Resident Nutritionist Stephanie Gatschet, MS, CNC
Nutrition is an integral piece of the wellness equation, and everyone has unique nutritional needs. Our Resident Nutritionist, Stephanie Gatschet, MS, CNC, works with patients to create personalized nutrition plans based on bio-individuality and personal/lifestyle preferences. She will thoroughly assess each patient’s health history, symptoms, diet, and lifestyle, and work in partnership with the patient to set goals and create a holistic nutrition plan. This plan includes specific recommendations related to diet, supplementation, and lifestyle.

Stephanie loves to work with kids, families, moms, and the general population. Everyone can benefit. Your nutrition consultations can help ensure that you are meeting your nutritional needs and supporting your health and wellness goals through proper diet and lifestyle practices. Stephanie can help you find what you need, and just as importantly, what works for you. Clinical nutrition consultations (short-term or on-going) pair wonderfully with osteopathic treatment from Dr. Mary Anne to provide truly holistic, integrative care