“What an amazing doctor! Three years ago we brought our son to Dr. Mary Anne for his newborn appointment. She pointed out a flat spot on his head from birth that he was preferring to lay on. We were able to address it and ensure his head was able to round out properly. So much time and attention is spent with each person — it’s so refreshing in the modern age of medicine. With each visit, we learn something new. We are so grateful to have Dr. Mary Anne!”  – Gigi G., Feb 5, 2020


“Where can one begin? I will start out by saying that she is the kindest most sincere doctor I’ve ever met. Her approach is one I have come to adore and praise. She finds the reason for the issue instead of putting a Band-Aid on it. She is more on the holistic/integrative side so she looks to treat as natural as possible. She is phenomenal. Period.”  – Melissa E., Nov 4, 2018


“An ounce of prevention… My family is so glad that we found Dr. Mary Anne. I think cranial osteopathy for a young baby is one of the best investments a family can make, and San Diegans are fortunate that Dr. Mary Anne’s rates are reasonable. She is kind and compassionate and I appreciate that she is making this wonderful treatment modality and the other great care she provides to little ones available to those who want to optimize the health of their child(ren). Not only has Dr. Mary Anne provided preventative medicine, but I brought our daughter when she was sick and she did a thorough exam, a full osteopathic treatment and gave safe, sensible recommendations for homeopathy and nutritional supplements for both baby and mom along with much needed reassurance that literally saved us trip to the ER in the middle of the night.”  – Captain H., Feb 26, 2016


“I’m so thankful we found Dr. Mary Anne when we moved to San Diego. Dr. Mary Anne has been our health care provider for our daughter since she was 8 months old (she’s now 2.5 years old). I’m a nurse with background in critical care, but have come to value the more integrative/holistic approach Dr. Mary Anne practices. She is a wealth of knowledge and truly seeks to teach about health/wellness, rather than “putting Band-Aids” on illnesses. Our daughter ADORES her as well as her patient-centered office.” – Kelsey O., Jan 27, 2019


“She is simply the best. She’s been treating my 3 yr old daughter for over two years, and I can’t recommend her enough. I have so much gratitude for her advice and care.” – Stephanie Gatschet, March 6, 2018 (Facebook review) https://www.facebook.com/DrMaryAnne4Kids/reviews


“Dr. Mary Anne is a wonderful pediatrician who combines traditional medicine with complementary medicine. I would highly recommend her.” – Lisa Loegering, February 20, 2018 (Facebook review) https://www.facebook.com/DrMaryAnne4Kids/reviews


“I could go on for days about Dr. Mary Anne! She has been our pediatrician for 6 years and has been available all of those 6 years. We have two children ages 3 and 6 and feel we can call or go in whenever needed to professionally assess our children. Another amazing gift is Dr. Mary Anne practices osteopathic manipulation. I can’t tell you the number of times our three year old as a newborn was not sleeping or not having a bowel movement and magic! After treatment I promise you I would walk down the stairs and get him in the car as he’s falling asleep and when we got home he would have a bowel movement. Pretty unbelievable!” – Candace Hallak, March 14, 2018 (Facebook review) https://www.facebook.com/DrMaryAnne4Kids/reviews


“Dr. Mary Anne is an amazing, caring, intuitive doctor. She has been providing care for my children for 4 years, and we couldn’t be happier. Definitely worth a 40 minute drive to see her. Highly recommend!” – Christina D.


“Wow! This place needs an infinite star!!! Bed side manner 1000%, laid out tons of options of homeopathic. This is the pinnacle of medical facilities! Great play area for children and the staff has the upmost respect and courtesy!” – Tirzah D.


“We brought our daughter to see you two months ago, and if I remember correctly, in tears, asking you to please help our child. I dumped several bottles of prescription medications and inhalers on your desk asking you to help us fix what was wrong. Our daughter was sick every month with high fevers, nasal congestion, constant asthma issues, diagnosed with ADD, and had been prescribed so many different medications for asthma and acid reflux that were NOT helping. Within one hour you told us EXACTLY what was wrong with our daughter that her team of five other specialists never identified in 12 1/2 years! All they did was put constant band-Aids on her symptoms and prescribe stronger and different cocktails of medications. With your care, proper vitamins and nutrition changes, our daughter has not needed one medication for asthma, acid reflux or ADD and has not had one fever. She is active, wakes up alert and ready to take on the day. This past week she was in a summer camp and had to run a mile. She did not have one problem with the run – she could have kept going! People who have not seen her in several months cannot believe the physical changes in our daughter. She has color in her face and she is finally GROWING taller. We are forever grateful to you for “curing” our child. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!”