Osteopathic Care for All Ages

The human body has an amazing innate healing ability. Supporting the body’s inherent ability to grow, develop, repair and heal with osteopathic manipulative treatment has endless potential for the prevention of disease and optimizing an individual’s potential.

When is the best time to start? Treating mom prior to conception and during pregnancy is a great way to start. Newborns all deserve an osteopathic evaluation and treatment, preferably in the first week of life. Most of early infant issues such as difficulty establishing effective breastfeeding, spitting up, “crooked” heads and necks, colic and sleep issues have a structural beginning that can be helped with gentle osteopathic treatment. Moms benefit from treatment after delivery to reposition the pelvis to a happy place before the ligaments tighten up again.

Some infants benefit from several weekly treatments if delivery was difficult. Otherwise periodic treatment is helpful. During the first 2 years of life, the brain does a tremendous amount of maturing. And the child is rapidly growing, changing body proportions and testing the laws of gravity. This commonly results in compressed tailbones or bumps on the head. Just as your car runs better when tuned up, so do children! Often very young children will tell their parents when they know they need a treatment after a fall or during an illness. It’s much easier to reverse an illness early in the process with osteopathic treatment, a healing diet and natural medicines.

Healthy children benefit from yearly tune-ups too, especially after sports seasons or injuries. Other key times when treatment is helpful is at transitional times such as 5 to 7 years and at puberty when a myriad of changes are taking place. Remember, you don’t have to be sick to be better!