Glymphatic System: The brain’s lymphatic system

In June I attended the Osteopathic Cranial Academy Annual Conference on Traumatic Brain Injury, Neuroscience and Osteopathy. We studied and practiced many ways to support the brain in healing and learned of recent research on the brain’s “glymphatic system”, or the brain’s lymphatic system. (It was previously thought that the brain had no lymphatic system).

Compromise of the venous/glymphatic drainage limits O2 and nutrients from getting into brain cells as well as toxic metabolic and inflammatory waste products from being cleared. Restoring the glymphatic pathways can have a profound effect on healing.
This was poetically stated by A.T. Still in 1892. “He who is able to reason will see that this great river of life (cerebrospinal fluid) must be tapped and the withering fields irrigated at once, or the harvest of health be forever lost.”

Swimming in the warm gulf waters every morning before class was healing also! Pictures are courtesy of fellow DO.

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