A recent article in Science suggests that autism may evolve from a combination of ever increasing environmental factors coupled with genes that affect early brain development.  Over the 20 years that I have been in pediatrics, I can attest that the number of children with autistic spectrum issues have dramatically increased.

No two children on the autistic spectrum  have the same symptoms. It’s important that the parents and physician work as a detective team to track when symptoms began, and note which areas the majority of symptoms are in to find the best treatment. There are many traditional interventions that are very important.  Core fundational issues such as diet, neurologic integration and treatment of birth trauma must be addressed.  Additionally many children need testing for food allergies, heavy metal toxicity, intestinal flora imbalance or other issues.  Osteopathic manipulation, including working with the cranial sacral system can improve blood flow to the brain as well as support the free flow of the cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid which protects the brain and carries many messenger molecules. Helping these children reach their potential requires an integrative approach. We can help parents find solutions for their special children.