Another simple way that may help prevent SIDS…

Did you Know that something as simple as covering the babies mattress with an inexpensive slip-on mattress cover may help prevent Sudden Infant Death Syndrome? Antimony and Arsenic are added as fire retardants and plastic softeners in babies’ mattresses and bedding … These gases are can be about one thousand times more poisonous than carbon monoxide. It is also known that the longer a mattress sits in a house, the more toxic gases it is likely to produce – a short explanation in the increased rates of SIDS in children whose older siblings died of SIDS. Fungal growth in polyvinyl chloride a soft plastic commonly used as a mattress covering was also associated with developing of a pink stain in the shape of the sleeping infant. There is even reference and health warning in the bible to pinkish mildew (Leviticus 14)

To prevent crib death it is important to make a barrier between mattress and baby. And something as simple as an inexpensive slip-on mattress cover called BabeSafe works great. You can also use an organic mattress pad and organic sheets. Make sure you have no pillows or toys, stuff animals or bumpers; while baby is in the crib. Always keep baby warm but never over heat. Make sure there is always fresh air circulating the room and make sure to keep shades down on sunny days when baby is laying down.

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